How To Bond With Your Bearded Dragon? | 5 Tips

When you get a pet, it is natural to want it to love you and care for you. However, what if you get an animal that loves to live alone? Pet owners like you will often want to learn how to keep the pet and how to bond with your bearded dragon. And here is the answer!

Bearded dragons are aloof reptilians who like to spend time by themselves. If you provide them with a good living space and ensure that they get all the kind of stuff that keeps them comfortable, they will thrive. But, how will you know what suits them, and whether they even like you or not? This feeling makes many pet owners try new things, so let’s see how you can make your bearded dragon like you.

How To Get Your Bearded Dragon To Like You

How To Get Your Bearded Dragon To Like You

Pet owners can often make very desperate moves to get their dragon pet to like them. Here are a few ways that will help you get these reptilians to feel attached to you and respond to your affectionate manner towards them.

Make The Dragon Pets Like Owners

1. Take It Slowly

The bearded dragons come from the wilderness where they have to be alert if an object is moving fast and close to their bodies. If you work fat around the dragon pet, it will become cautious and will be on alert. If you want your dragon to love you, you will have to take it slow and wait for the dragon to get used to you. Moreover, keep your actions gentle as we don’t want the dragon to become alert. Also, find out Can I Kiss My Bearded Dragon.

2. Be Patient

The bearded dragons take some time to get used to their owners and you will find it especially interesting that they believe that their owner is the one who feeds them. Do not wait for the dragon to like you within days. Just keep doing what you do for them and they will respond.

3. Consistency Is Key

You can try all kinds of things but if you are not consistent in your behavior towards the pet dragon, you will not be able to make it like you! Be patient, but be consistent as well. Keep feeding them food, clean up for them, and take out time to attend to them. When they keep seeing you regularly, they will start liking your company because they will consider you to be a part of their routine.

Bearded dragons are quite disciplined and therefore they become used to owners if they have a definite role in their everyday lives! The more frequently you are around them, the sooner they will begin to consider you a daily routine.

4. Older Dragons Need More Time

The older bearded dragons are more set in their ways and do not get attached to a new owner quickly. You may feel that the dragon hardly even notices you but don’t worry. These reptilians are noticing and they are gradually fixing you in their daily view!

5. Nutrition Is Your Vote

When you get a bearded dragon pet, there can be many ways to make them like you but the real catalyst is feeding them nutritious food. The more you feed them with care, the higher you are on their likeness chart! If the owner does not feed good food items, the bearded dragon will not even feel well enough to show affection and it will not get attached to you.

When you go to serve good food; that is when the dragon looks at you and associates with you. If the dragon is not even interested in its food, then why will it look at you? Make their meals a favorite so they begin to attach to you with the pleasure of having a good diet. Have a look at Can I Take My Bearded Dragon Outside too.

Things That Show That Your Pet Is Attached To You

There are numerous ways in which u can deduce if your bearded dragon likes you or not. However, when these pets are new you will have to do some things for them to make them feel loved and at ease. Once you give this kind of love freely, they will begin to respond too.

  • If your pet dragon makes eye contact, it is happy with you. You may have noticed that when you feed them fresh vegetables and fruits, they look at you for a while as if they have paused. This gesture shows that they like you and recognize you as their owner.
  • If the pet dragon leans in on you. This happens if you are visible to them after some hours and they lean forward to touch you. It means that they like you and missed you.
  • If they sit next to you: If you have ever placed the dragon pet next to you when you are sitting on a couch, they may want to move about if they have no attachment to the owner. However, if they keep sitting then they like you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pat my dragon pet?

No, do not pet your bearded dragon as it may become irate and may even panic. You can show your care by giving them good nutrition and keeping their environment clean. You will see how this makes a difference in the way they respond to you.

Will my bearded dragon lick my hand if it likes me?

No, bearded dragons do not lick or hold hands. If they like you they will be comfortable in your company and that is enough for pet owners to see that these creatures like them.


For all pet owners who want to learn how to make their pet dragon like them, we have shared some tips. You can follow them and then see which one made them respond to you. Whichever way you try, always remember that all creatures want to be loved and these subtle reptilians will also like it. Moreover, you may also want to know Are Bearded Dragons Social.

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