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Dubia roaches for bearded dragons can be an excellent choice and there is more than one reason for it. Bearded dragons can be quite an oblivious pet when it comes to figuring out tastes and trying all vegetables and fruits. However, when it comes to insects, these pets will know their favorites when they see them! Dubia roaches are the favorite insects for these reptilians. Apart from the nutritional value, there is more to this insect and why your pet will love it. Since nutrition is an important aspect, we will go through all the benefits and frequency of consumption for your pet.

Dubia Roaches For Bearded Dragons

What Is In Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches provide a wide array of nutrients. While there are many insects that are nutritious, they may have some components that are not suitable for the bearded dragon. For example, worms are delicious, and they have a lot of protein, which is good for dragons. However, the high protein makes these crawlers an occasional specialty and not an everyday food item.


Dubia roaches have the following nutrients:


Almost 55% of the mass of dubia roaches is protein, and that means your pet will never have to go through slow growth. Protein is the building block for growth and all living creatures need it for a healthy physique and muscle health. Bearded dragons need protein because it helps them grow into healthy adults. Moreover, there are many other benefits of protein, like better mental health and nervous health, which make protein an integral part of the dragon’s diet.


Another building block for bearded dragons is calcium and dubia roaches present a lot of it! Bearded dragons require high calcium at every stage of life to maintain good bone health. If there is not enough calcium in their diet, they become weak and may develop metabolic bone disease, which causes paralysis and can be fatal as well.


The good amount of Vitamin A and D make dubia roaches a favorite for not only the pet but the owners too! By feeding this insect they get done with many nutrients that are essential for their pets! Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium and that makes it an excellent nutrient. The activity levels of your dragon pet will also improve with regular intake of Vitamin D.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dubia Roaches

Bearded dragons have a big appetite and since they are omnivores, they have a special place for insects. Dubia roaches offer all the right nutrients and can be an excellent source of nutrition for these pets. When you buy dubia roaches, it can be perilous and taxing so the best idea is to breed them by keeping them in a humid and cozy can, or container where they can thrive. These roaches multiply fast but don’t worry your bearded dragon will be consuming them quite fast!

How To Feed Dubia Roaches To Bearded Dragons

Feeding dubia roaches is fairly simple as the bearded dragons like to eat them after a chase. While these insects will not give a long run, they should be live and moving so your bearded dragon gets attracted to them. If you are serving these insects to your pet dragon, you can also cut them up and the dragon will gobble them up. However, the treat will truly be a pleasure if you serve them live.

Dubia Roaches For Infant Bearded Dragons

Many people believe that adult bearded dragons can consume more insects than infants. Whereas, the truth is that baby dragons require more protein and calcium than adults. The younger reptilians have to grow and they need a higher amount to build muscle and bone whereas the older ones only have to maintain it. Moreover, you can also have a look at Superworms For Bearded Dragons.

Dubia Roaches For Infant Bearded Dragons

You can feed dubia roaches in smaller portions by cutting them or giving the baby dragons a smaller number of roaches. As they grow older, they can eat more roaches on a daily basis and thrive.

The Taste Of Roaches

Dubia roaches have all the good nutrients that dragons need, this much we can understand. However, the taste of these insects makes them a favorite among bearded dragons. The aroma, movement, and even the crunch of the dragon bite-everything about dubia roaches makes them an ideal insect to add to the daily palate.

When your dragon pet gets acquainted with the taste of dubia roaches from an early age, they become fond of them and seem to never get tired of eating the same thing! You can try various mixes of insects and as long as there are some dubia roaches in it, the dragon will never miss a day of its protein portions that you serve in the form of this mix.


Dubia roaches are excellent insects for bearded dragons because they offer all the right nutrients. The protein, calcium, and vitamins in these insects ensure a good growth rate and a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the taste of this insect is appealing to bearded dragons. What makes this insect an ideal daily staple for bearded dragons is that it offers all the good nutrients that are required on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to make my bearded dragon healthier?

Bearded dragons need good amounts of calcium, protein, and vitamins. While adult dragons require 50% insects and 50% vegetables and fruits, younger dragons require 70% protein, which comes from insects. The best way to ensure health is to feed bearded dragons the right amount of insects that offer the best nutrients. Dubia roaches are an excellent way to make dragons take a balanced diet and fulfill their daily protein and calcium needs.

Can bearded dragons eat dubia roaches every day?

Dubia roaches can be excellent everyday food for bearded dragons. You can feed adult and infant dragons these roaches and see them thrive. Moreover, dragons love the taste of this insect so it is easy to ensure that they will not miss their daily dose of calcium, proteins, and vitamins in one!

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