Do Bearded Dragons Like Music? | Here Is What You Can Play For Them

All pet owners like to give their bearded dragons everything that they like. The right kind of environment, some good fixtures in the tank, and the right kinds of sounds around them. Do bearded dragons like music? Try and find it if they enjoy it or not so that you can liven up their lives. Music is a pleasant way to unwind for all of us. It calms all of us, but what about our pets?

Bearded dragons are not conventional mammal pets that can show their likes or dislikes with their communication. These reptilians are more subtle so you have to understand their liking from their behavior.

Do Bearded Dragons Like Music

What Do Bearded Dragons Think Of The Music

The kind of music that bearded dragons can enjoy is soft, subtle, and serene. We will discuss why the music choice has to be soft, but first, make sure that you understand the nature and behavior of your dragon pet. Bearded dragons are sensitive to their surroundings. If they see anything moving at a high speed around them, they may get disturbed. These creatures have to be in surroundings that remain the same. A change in anything around them may disturb them. For example, in the wilderness, when there is strong wind the bearded dragons hide. Similarly, when there is too much commotion around them in terms of people moving, they become very irritable and anxious.

When your bearded dragon hears tranquil music, it will not feel the rock music vibrations through the ground and that will be suitable. However, if you play hard rock or heavy metal music tracks, get ready to settle an anxious and scared bearded dragon. The bearded dragons feel their environment through what they hear, the vibrations, and even the way lights and people move. So the kind of music you play will depend on whether they will enjoy it or not. Also, read Can Bearded Dragons Hear.

What Do Bearded Dragons Think Of The Music

Is Music Good For Bearded Dragons

If you want a one-word answer, it does not make a difference if you put on music for your bearded dragon or not. They are indifferent to it. However, if you want to play some notes that are peaceful and help you soothe your senses, let the bearded dragon sit close to you and enjoy the calm vibrations and soothing notes. They might enjoy the music when they know that it is calming them. Pet owners can see their bearded dragons react to things that they like themselves! If you enjoy loud and shrill sounds, the case changes! The bearded dragons will not respond nicely to it as they panic and become anxious.

Is Music Good For Bearded Dragons

What Happens When Bearded Dragons Do Not Like Music

Bearded dragons will show signs of anxiety when there is music they do not like. When there are loud noises or disturbing music that is too fast for dragons, it can make them uncomfortable. When dragons are not feeling good about something in their surroundings, they will glass dance, scratch their tank walls, and even stop eating healthily. If you see any of these signs, it is time to change the CD and take care of your bearded dragon. The best way to go is to play slow music or something that is very low in volume.

Many of us have our bearded dragon tanks placed in the living rooms. So, you might think that if your music choice is not good for your dragon, you cannot hear it. However, it is not like that. You can listen to music but do not make it so loud that they begin to feel invaded by the heavy vibrations. You must remember, that living in a glass tank can make your dragon susceptible to getting a magnified impact due to the walls of the tank.

What Happens When Bearded Dragons Do Not Like Music

Bearded Dragons’ Auditory Structure

Bearded dragons do not have ears like humans. However, that does not mean they cannot hear. Apart from hearing things, the internal ear has an eardrum, which works according to the airwaves and vibrations like in humans. When you play loud music or intense noise, these creatures will be responding fully!

The bearded dragons’ auditory abilities allow them to hear sounds between 500 to 4000 hertz. Whereas, humans hear from 20 to 20,000 hertz. This shows that dragons can hear many sounds that we can hear, and some are even lighter and they still understand that it is a disruptive noise or a calming sound.

All pets dislike loud music, but if you play a good melody at a high volume that will be acceptable. Music mesmerizes the senses and it can soothe us significantly. You should play lighter music, although even if you don’t play any music for your pet dragon, it will not deprive them of anything.

Bearded Dragons Auditory Structure

Bearded Dragons Can Watch Tv

When bearded dragons watch television, they follow the sounds and enjoy the movement. You might get confused about this part because we told you earlier that dragons do not like movement and noise. However, when the movement and sound are slow enough for them to process, it becomes a pleasure. Be sure to not show them the Olympic races and yell cheers!


Bearded dragons can listen to soft and soothing music but if you play loud noises they will not take them nicely. Loud music or genres like hard rock or heavy metal will not suit bearded dragons because they do not like fast vibrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bearded dragons can enjoy opera?

Opera is slow music so bearded dragons will not react anxiously to it. However, pet owners would find it interesting to know that bearded dragons will not enjoy any kind of music enough to change their routine or stop what they are doing!

What kind of music should I play for my pet dragon?

You can play any kind of soft music, which includes slow sonnets and even tunes that are reggae, or jazz. Remember not to play loud and fast music that can be too hard for dragons to process.

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