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Bearded dragons are friendly and meek pets, and they remain in their reclusive nature. However, pet parents can do a lot to keep them busy, happy, and active. You might wonder, can I take my bearded dragon outside? The answer to this question can be answered when you decide how you would like to keep your pet protected and safe.

Bearded dragons live in the wilderness, with numerous other creatures around. These reptilians have adapted to dry environments and therefore, they are not very adaptive towards wet places or areas where there is high rainfall. However, when you bring a bearded dragon home, the indoors become more of the habitat for these reptilians.

Can I Take My Bearded Dragon Outside

Can I Take My Bearded Dragon Outside – Is It Better For Them

Yes, you can take your bearded dragons outdoors because it is a healthy change. However, you must ensure that you take them out only for a short while. The more time you spend outside with them, the more they will become disturbed when you bring them back in. There are several reasons for this behavior and the main one is that they have different body types.

Reptilians are cold-blooded animals that cannot stay active if the temperatures are low. This means that if you take these pets outdoors, you will have to consider the weather conditions and temperature. Is it a cold day? Is the wind chilly? Or is there sunlight that may be too harsh for the bearded dragon? All these factors might seem normal to pet parents who are new at caring for bearded dragons. However, these factors are crucial.

Climate And The Environment

The random trip to the garden can be a healthy activity for bearded pets who stay indoors and do not get a chance to soak in natural sunlight. If you have a young bearded dragon of three to four months, it is best to expose them to the outer world once in a while as they will like it, and will adapt to the outdoor trips. You do not have to leave them out for long. Even a ten-minute trip will be excellent.

healthy activity for bearded pet

However, keep in mind that an environment too different from their tank can create confusion in their mind and they become anxious. Bearded dragons are sensitive creatures and they can easily get used to an environment like a cozy tank where you place them with love. If taken to a different place for a long, they can react negatively. Moreover, they are quite stern when it comes to temperatures. If they are in a cold place, they will become inactive and will not like it. Remember, they are reptilians that hibernate in winter if they are in very cold regions.

The environment of these reptilians is their safe space and invading it, or taking them out of it will mean that they react to the change. Similarly, from the indoor tank where there is a lamp to keep them warm, do not take them outdoors when it is too windy, raining or cold. A few minutes of sunshine can be good for these dragon pets. Also, find out Why Bearded Dragons Brumate.

Sunlight Or Indoor Lamps

Bearded dragons are diurnal, which means they sleep when it is dark, and stay awake when there is light. If you keep your bearded dragon indoors, it gets used to the artificial light of the lamp in its tanks. You can take them outside for some time in to spend in nature, but if you keep them there for a long their bodies get upset as they cannot detect the day and night due to the intensity of the light. This may make them become irritable, and anxious due to lack of sleep.

Many pet parents keep their dragons indoors all the time because they do not want to disturb their natural sleep cycle. However, a few minutes to get sunlight and fresh air cannot be a bad idea for anyone. Whenever you decide to entertain your dragon pet for some time, be sure to select the time when the sun is out and not when the evening hours begin. This is because the light from indoors will not be as bright as outdoors and this may make the bearded dragon think that there are many hours till bedtime.

Why Going Outside Can Be A Good Routine

Going outside can be a good activity for bearded dragons because they can roam around in an open area. Moreover, they can interact with you as you will be the most familiar being around them. Secondly, every living creature needs a change from the monotony of daily routines. If you take your bearded dragon out every alternate day for a few minutes, it will begin to get used to an open environment, and fresh air and will benefit from the exercise.


Bearded dragons interact with their owners when they are happy. You will begin to notice a big change in these creatures when they start going outside to bask in the sun. These pets will become happy and active and in return, their bonding with you will improve. The best routine for your dragon is one that makes them happier and more interactive. Therefore, going outside for a short period is always a good idea.

Things To Take Care Of When Taking Your Pet Outside

When you take your bearded pet outdoors, it will walk around and enjoy. However, it can look for food and if there are any insects around, it will try and feed on them. However, you should ensure that there are no pests around because they might have toxins from pesticide sprays or chemicals from fertilizers on their bodies. If your bearded dragon eats any flower, plant, or insect that is sprayed with chemicals, it can be harmful to them.

Predators such as cats, and birds can make your bearded dragon anxious. These creatures consider bigger animals as predators and might even react badly when they encounter a cat or bird. If there is any predatory animal in the vicinity, do not take your pet dragon outside. Another thing to watch out for is pests such as mosquitoes and flies. Bearded dragons can react to these parasites and poisonous insects that can be found in big gardens with lots of greenery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my bearded dragon for a walk?

Yes, you can walk your dragon pet like people walk their dogs. However, be sure not to let them loose because it is always more comfortable for them to be near their owners.

Is it alright if the bearded dragon eats grass?

Try not to let your pet eat anything outside because there can be parasites and pests in the grass. Pet dragons get used to clean and fresh food that pet parents feed them, however, if they try and eat anything from the garden, stop them by moving them away from it.

Do bearded dragons need to exercise outside?

Bearded dragons should exercise as it will keep their muscles strong. When you take them outside, they will walk around and cover more distance than they do inside their tank. This makes them healthy and active.


Many new pet parents ask, ‘can I take my bearded dragon outside?’ The answer is yes, you can. However, be sure to watch out for the temperature and environment. Moreover, be sure that there are no predators, pesticide sprays, pests, or parasites that may impact the bearded dragon’s experience adversely. The routine of taking these pets outdoors will be beneficial for them if they feel safe and at home.

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