Can Bearded Dragons Eat Roaches? | Safe And Nutritious Food?

Bearded dragons are reptilians from the arid and dry lands of Australia. If you get one for your home, there will be a few things you will have to take care of them according to their body requirements, preferences, and likes! Since they eat insects in the wild, can bearded dragons eat roaches? Let’s find out!

Insects provide bearded dragons with most of their protein requirements, and therefore, all kinds of insects are a good item for these bearded creatures. However, roaches are a common pest around and many pet owners might get the idea if they can feed their dragons these insects to get rid of them and make their pet happier too. Let’s see if that is a good idea!

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Roaches

Roaches For Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons love to eat roaches and if they get many of them, they will be happier than ever. However, there are different kinds of roaches according to size. You can feed your bearded dragon Dubia Roaches, Cockroaches, House Roaches, and the list go on! However, there are of course some precautions that you must take.

First, let’s discuss the good things that these roaches can provide for your pets. The house roaches are full of protein, iron, and some valuable minerals, which can be very advantageous for bearded dragons. Protein is the building block for all creatures including plants! Protein builds muscles in bearded dragons and since insects have a lot of it, this food item becomes a main addition to the daily diet for bearded dragons.

Another very crucial component is calcium, which makes the bearded dragon’s bones stronger. If your pet dragon has strong bones, it will become a healthy adult and live better. The various mineral is essential too and keeps your pet dragon happy and active.

Roaches For Bearded Dragons

A Few Things To Care About

Insects like roaches can be victims of chemical sprays and pesticides, which can be harmful to your bearded dragon. These chemicals are harmful to bearded dragons because they are poisonous and even if your dragon won’t die from them, they can cause serious poisoning and indigestion, leading to several other issues.

Bearded dragons have a slow metabolism so you cannot feed them insects that have tough skin, or are too stiff for them to swallow. If the dragon swallows a stiff cockroach, it may develop impaction due to the undigested semi-solid insect stuck in the intestines. Impaction is a serious issue and can lead to death! You would also prefer feeding cut-up insects like cockroaches and house roaches for bearded dragons. This will ensure that there is no stuck food in their bowels and that their movement is active.

Another precautionary step will be to feed harvested insects to your pet so that they are free from any kind of chemicals, and pesticides. Moreover, harvested insects are fed in moderation and therefore, they can offer more moderate nutrition to the bearded dragons consuming them!

How Many Roaches Can They Eat In A Day

Roaches are a staple food for bearded dragons and the best source of protein. However, there has to be a limit to the number of roaches that these bearded dragons can have. Ensure that you feed almost twenty to twenty-five roaches as a complete meal. If you are feeding something else to the pet, there is a chance that they are overeating. If you want to add veggies to the diet, then reduce the roaches to fifteen. The real challenge for pet owners is to know how much will be excessive, and how much will be going overboard!

Which Other Insects Can They Eat

Bearded dragons can eat crickets, flies, worms, and other smaller insects that are not poisonous. Some insects have a slight amount of venom-like chemical compound which can be harmful to bearded dragons who live in a protected environment like your home. We often think that a bearded dragon in the wild can eat a certain thing then why not a home bearded dragon?

The truth is that bearded dragons in the wild are more immune to many things including all kinds of insects. Your pet dragon will not be able to digest many things as easily as a wild one. So you have to care about what you are feeding them. Have a look at Can Bearded Dragons Eat Crickets if you want to know what other insects are safe for dragon pets.

Which Other Insects Can Bearded Dragons Eat

Where To Get Roaches From

You can buy roach jars from pet shops that have bearded dragons. These harvest jars are made in a way that they keep harvesting roaches. The lids have holes for oxygen, and the lining of the walls is moist and warm so that the roaches in the jar keep multiplying. You can take out a few with a tong and feed them to your bearded dragon after cutting them up so that the pet can swallow them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if bearded dragons eat a lot of roaches?

If your bearded dragon eats a lot of roaches, it will not be a serious problem if it happened just once. However, if it becomes a daily intake, you might see them gain weight and become overweight. This is not a good sign as overweight dragons can become paralyzed and may even fall ill.

Is it ok to give live insects to bearded dragons?

Yes, you can feed live insects to dragons, although it can become a chase sometimes. Bearded dragons enjoy the chase but sometimes they prefer still food on their plate!


Many pet owners who worry about their pet dragons’ nutrition often ask, ‘Can bearded dragons eat roaches?’ the answer to this question is yes, they can. However, there are a few things to take care of and if you can ensure the safety and well-being of your pet by offering them clean and safe insects, it is a treat they will love. You would also love to read Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mealworms.

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