Can Bearded Dragons Eat Plums? | Safe Treat Or Caution

There are so many foods that are suitable for some creatures while others cannot eat them. Fruits are nature’s candy, and all of us love to try all kinds of foods. However, these naturally sweet treats are not always right for everyone. Pets like cats, dogs, and birds are unique and there are so many things you cannot feed them. Similarly, bearded dragons can have many of the foods that we incorporate into our daily routines, while some very common foods are a big no for them. Can bearded dragons eat plums?

You might want to try feeding this small, and delicious fruit to your bearded pet, but the first step is to know whether it is suitable for them or not. Bearded dragons are reptilians and these creatures hibernate in the winters, and during the summers they feed heavily on insects, vegetables, and fruits. However, since their metabolism is different than mammals, let’s see what their nutritional needs are and whether fruits like plums are a good choice for them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Plums

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Plums – The Truth About It

You can feed plums to your bearded dragon pets, however, they are not an everyday fix for these reptilians. The reasons for this are numerous and we shall discuss them one by one, however, it is best to know what is in plums that make them a nutritious yet slightly risky fruit for bearded dragons if you feed them in abundance.

What Do Plums Offer To Bearded Dragons

Plums are rich in fiber, sugars, phosphorus, and calcium. The chart below can further give you a detailed insight into what this fruit has to offer consumers. Whether animals or humans, if someone has a sweet tooth, they would like to try plums.

Nutrients Amount
Carbohydrates 7.5 g
Fiber 0.9 g
Sugar 6.6 g
Calcium 43 mg
Phosphorus 16 mg

The sugar content and even phosphorus amount in plums are not suitable for bearded dragons. Moreover, there are minor nutrients that can hamper the growth or health of your bearded pet. According to the VCA Animal Hospitals’ research on bearded dragon feeding, there are numerous fruits that may seem healthy for humans but are unhealthy for bearded dragons. The most suitable plant-based diet components for these reptilians include:

  • Fruits are rich in vitamins but less in fiber
  • Mineral-rich fruits such as figs
  • Fruits that have low oxalates

Since fruits are not generally mineral-rich, they should be fed sparingly as food dressings, and not as the main ingredient for the bearded dragon’s daily consumption. Plums have high fiber, high phosphorus, high sugar, and many minor nutrients that will be unhealthy for bearded dragons. This is why the ideal dosage of plums for bearded dragons should be not more than once a week, or a small portion in regular meals, which constitutes less than half a plum. Also, check out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula.

Why Do Plums Bad For Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons need protein and calcium as the main nutrients in their diet. If you feed your bearded pet fruits such as plums that have a high amount of phosphorus, they hinder the absorption of calcium in their bodies. This can result in the pet losing essential calcium from bones and as the bones become soft and gelatinous, the bearded dragon slips into a disease called Metabolic Bone Disease.

Why Does Plums Bad For Bearded Dragons

This disease makes bearded dragons immobile as their bones cannot tolerate their body weight. As they stop moving, anxiety and depression may take over and they lose their appetite. If MBD is not addressed at the right time, it can result in death for your little dragon pet.

To avoid this, the researchers suggest sprinkling calcium on every food and also serving them foods that are high in calcium. This way, your bearded dragon pet will stay healthy and there will be no issue with any kind of bone disorder or weakness that may cause several mental and physical issues. Plums have less than half the amount of calcium, however, they are not suitable because all the other components like sugar and high fiber may cause the calcium to pass through the body without getting absorbed. Also, find out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Prunes Or Dried Plums

Prunes or dried plums are also not ideal fruit for dragon pets. The reason is that these dried plums have high sugar, and carbohydrates and the water content is lower. The fiber and other nutrient levels are the same as plums, so this form of plums is also not the best food to serve your bearded dragon pet.

Minor Benefits Of Plums For Bearded Dragons

Minor Benefits Of Plums For Bearded Dragons

Since plums have Vitamin C, K, and B-6, they will keep your dragon alert and active. Nevertheless, the amount of vitamins is low enough for you to try and fit in a more suitable vegetable or fruit that offers a higher calcium content. This way, your dragon will be getting enough of this nutrient to keep its bones healthy so that it develops into an active and strong adult. Similarly, choose vitamin and protein-rich foods that will make the muscular structure strong. Once these two nutrients are met well, you can add plums in a sparing amount along with other colorful fruits to make it enticing for the bearded dragon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I feed plums to my dragon pet?

Make sure that you either cut up the fruit in tiny chunks or puree them so that the dragon does not choke on them or the chunks do not get stuck in the large intestine and cause impaction. This state is the blockage in the intestine that causes constipation that slowly worsens to make your dragon pet immobile due to lower abdomen pain and irregular bowel movements.

Will bearded dragons like the taste of plums?

Bearded dragons will like the taste and look of plums, however, make sure you serve them as a topping or add them to the dish only once a week.


Can bearded dragons eat plums? Every new pet owner asks this because we all eat plums fondly and believe them to be beneficial fruits. However, due to high phosphorus and sugar content, this fruit must only be served occasionally. You must ensure that you feed your dragon a small number of plums to satiate its desire to have a colorful palate. Moreover, you may also want to find out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries.

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