Can Bearded Dragons Eat Eggs? | Dietary Considerations

Eggs are an important source of protein, especially for dieters. Eggs are cheap, can be purchased easily, and contain a lot of nutrition. However, can bearded dragons eat eggs?

Yes! Bearded dragons can eat eggs. They are healthy for their diet. In addition to providing proteins and vitamins, eggs can also provide bearded dragons with vitamins A, B12, D, and E. Since eggs are very high in proteins, bearded dragons should not be given eggs on a regular basis. Aim to feed fewer proteins to adult beardies since they need less protein.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Eggs

Nutritional Facts About Eggs

Approximately 50.3 grams of chicken eggs contain the following nutrients, according to the USDA.

Name Average Amount Unit
Water 38.1 g
Energy 74.4 kcal
Protein 6.24 g
Calcium 24.1 mg
Phosphorus 92.6 mg
Sodium 64.9 mg
Total Fat 5.01 g
Vitamin A 90.5 µg
Vitamin D 49.5 IU
Ca:P 1:3.8

The table above shows the wide range of nutrients that eggs contain. A large amount of egg yolk can provide bearded dragons with some nutritional value, but larger amounts of egg yolk can be detrimental to humans.

Pros And Cons Of Eggs

Pros And Cons Of Eggs


In the average egg, there are five grams of fat and 1.5 grams of saturated fat. Iron and vitamins are also present in most eggs, as are minerals and carotenoids. Bearded dragons have different health requirements than humans.

1. Antioxidants – Free radicals damage the body when they attack antioxidants such as eggs. Even Beardies benefit from them, as they are effective means of combating aging, and can also help prevent cancers and other ailments, including some types of skin cancer.

2. Beardies need Vitamin D to process calcium, so this vitamin is essential to them. Calcium deficiency can lead to bone deficiency in your Dragon if he cannot correctly process calcium from his diet. It is not uncommon to feed insects with a specific vitamin D and calcium supplement, but it is also possible to provide a balanced diet to your little lizard.

3. During all stages of development, bearded dragons need protein, especially young. The nutrients they consume help them to grow and to develop their bones and muscles. Additionally, it keeps your lizard’s energy levels high, its bones strong, and its immune system strong.

4. Other Vitamins – Eggs are also rich in vitamin A, necessary for a healthy immune system and healthy skin, vitamin B12, vital for brain function and metabolism, and iron, important for the early development of babies.


It is only the high protein content of eggs that makes them a problem in regular diet plans. Beardies should receive 80% of their protein this way. The high protein content of eggs makes even a mouthful of the treat a good source of your Beardie’s daily protein requirement. Even though they are safe to feed every once in a while as a treat, they shouldn’t make up a significant part of your Dragon’s diet.

How Often Should They Eat Eggs

A bearded dragon should eat half an egg once a week. Bearded dragons need a lot of protein from insects but eggs in great quantity can cause protein toxicity to your bearded dragon. An excessive amount of protein in beardies may lead to fatty liver, diabetes, heart failure, and obesity.

The bearded dragon can eat one whole chicken egg if it is malnourished and has a high protein requirement. Having an egg daily will help you pack on weight quickly because it is loaded with protein. Also, have a look at Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chicken.

How Often Should Bearded Dragons Eat Eggs

Are Raw Eggs Safe For A Bearded Dragon

If you knew that bearded dragons could eat eggs, you would probably wonder whether you need to cook them or if they can eat raw eggs. Neither raw eggs nor unboiled eggshells should be fed to your lizard. Your dragon could become very ill if it eats raw eggs. You should boil the eggs first to kill any existing bacteria for the safety of your pet. Bearded dragons are also capable of eating scrambled eggs, as long as their scrambling is unseasoned, without any butter, no milk, and no oils.

Are Eggshells Safe For Bearded Dragons

It is possible for bearded dragons to eat eggshells, as they are loaded with calcium, the mineral that bearded dragons need for proper growth. However, it would be advisable to be cautious with the shells, especially raw eggshells that contain bacteria. The shells must first be boiled and pulverized before they can be fed to your dragon. Eggshells are not very safe to feed to my lizard, so if you ask me, I would not.

Are Egg Shells Safe For Bearded Dragons

The other reason eggshells need to be ground is that in addition to being contaminated with bacteria, they can be dangerous to swallow. Your dragon may end up eating too much calcium and become ill because of it. It is better to use a calcium supplement; at least you can monitor it. Also, check out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peanut Butter.

Are Bearded Dragons Able To Eat Egg Yolks

The bearded dragons will enjoy eating egg yolk. Providing it is safe, it is okay to feed it to them. Almost every mineral and vitamin your bearded dragon needs can be found in egg yolks. Beardies can consume egg yolk and white as part of a rare treat. Greens and bugs make a good staple diet.

Are Bearded Dragons Able To Eat Egg Yolks


Having eggs in the diet offers a lot of nutrition for bearded dragons. That’s because they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Due to their high protein content, they are only appropriate as occasional treats due to their high protein content. You may also like Can Bearded Dragons Eat Papaya.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for bearded dragons to feed on quail eggs?

It is safe to say that quail eggs are just as nutritious and safe as chicken eggs. Additionally, quail eggs contain too much protein for a beardie, so you should give him small amounts.

Is it safe for bearded dragons to feed on scrambled eggs?

The bearded dragon can also consume scrambled eggs. You must however make sure you don’t mix any other food with the eggs. For example, don’t add seasoning, vegetables, or oil to the eggs. With scrambled eggs and a variety of greens, you can make a delicious meal. But, do not cook them together.

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