Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dandelion Flowers? | Is There Any Risk?

Bearded dragons are reptiles that need vegetables, fruits, and insects to meet their daily nutrition. Pet owners who want to know what they can feed their dragons often want to know what kind of plants they can eat. Can bearded dragons eat dandelion flowers? And if they can, then does it mean they can eat all types of flowers? The answer to this question might surprise you and that is why we will discuss it while explaining to you how the bearded dragon has to be kept and what kind of food will be most suitable for them. Get to know your pet’s requirements before anything else!

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dandelion Flowers

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dandelion Flowers

Dandelions are bright yellow-colored flowers that look very attractive. Moreover, these flowers have a subtle aroma that is attractive as well. Apart from the physical appearance, these flowers have many nutrients that are good for dragons. Dandelions are rich in vitamins A, E, K, and C. These vitamins are good for bearded dragons because they help with the right amount of iron and a strong immunity system. Moreover, vitamins help regulate the body’s systems and that helps dragons maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their body cells get healthier, and they can live better lives.

The amount of calcium in these flowers is also favorable for bearded dragons. You can feed them this flower at any time because it contains the right kinds of nutrients. However, you must know how much, and in what way must you give these flowers to the bearded dragons.

Bearded Dragons Can Eat Dandelions

Bearded dragons have a slow metabolism, due to which their body gets to store whatever they eat, and their bowel movements are not very strong. If you give dandelions to your pet dragon without cutting them into tiny pieces, they may not be able to chew them to make them a liquid-like consistency. If the whole petal is swallowed, their stomachs will only turn to a semi-solid state. This semi-solid food can get stuck in the large intestine and this state is called impaction. Impaction begins like constipation but it gradually becomes a more serious issue as the lower body of the bearded dragon begins to ache.

As the situation worsens, bearded dragons can become immobile due to difficulty in moving their hind legs. As this happens, these sensitive creatures become ill and anxious and can die as well. Also, read Can Bearded Dragons Eat Basil.

When To Give Dandelions To Bearded Dragons

You can add a few chopped-up petals of the flower to the bearded dragon almost daily. There are no harmful substances in this flower, and therefore your dragon pet will love to eat them. Just as all of us like food that looks good, and smells good, these dragons also love aromatic and delicious plants and insects.

Bearded Dragons Like Colors

When feeding your dragons various fruits and vegetables, you can ensure that there is some color. For example, choose a yellow bell pepper, a squash, some red fruit, and a little bit of green too. You can diversify their diet by offering them attractive colors and they will surely enjoy it. Dandelions have a bright color and an aromatic pleasure that makes them attractive food for bearded dragons. While this flower is good for dragons in so many ways, there are some things that you must beware of.

Dangers Of Dandelions For Bearded Dragons

If you thought that you could feed your pet dragon from your garden, it is not a good idea. There are so many plants in our gardens that are treated with pesticides or have grown with artificial fertilizers. When a dragon eats this dandelion, it can be poisoned due to the dangerous chemical on it. Whenever you have to feed your bearded dragon flowers, they must be cleaned and bought from a pet shop or a supplier of dragon foods. You must make sure that wherever you get the dandelions from, they are clean and do not have any harsh chemicals on the surface.

Dangers Of Dandelions For Bearded Dragons

Moreover, due to the reasons mentioned above, do not feed a full flower to your dragon as it can become lethal. Another very serious issue is that if the flowers are old, and have lost their water content, it can cause trouble in swallowing and may choke the bearded dragon.

You must ensure that you feed them fresh, and vibrant flowers that offer some moisture and a healthy effect for your bearded dragon. You would not want to see your pet suffer! These creatures do not have the nature to create noise and therefore, pet owners have to be extra careful in ensuring that there is no risk of health issues because it is hard to detect them from the dragon’s subtle behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I feed my pet dragon leaves and stems of dandelions?

Dandelion stems are thick and may be too hard for bearded dragons to swallow. Even if you chop them into very small pieces they will not be edible and your dragon might stop eating because of them. As for the leaves, you can feed them leaves but like dandelion flowers, these leaves must be chopped up into small pieces.

Can I also feed my bearded dragon any other bright color flower as well?

No, each flower is determined to be good or bad food for dragons only if it offers the right kind of nutrition for the dragon. When you begin researching for the right nutrients and understand what your pet dragon will need, then you will be able to decide which other colorful flower offers those nutrients. Only give your dragon pet fruits, vegetables, and plants that suit its nutritional requirements.


You can feed dandelion flowers to your pet dragon as they have all the right kinds of nutrients like vitamins, calcium, and fiber. Moreover, these flowers are brightly colored which makes them more appealing for the dragons to enjoy regularly. Apart from the color and benefits, the gentle scent of these flowers must be enticing for bearded dragons as well. You may also like Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cauliflower.

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