Can Bearded Dragons Eat Collard Greens? | Nutritious Greens

It can get overwhelming when you are scratching vegetables off your shopping list for your bearded dragon pets. Can bearded dragons eat collard greens? There are many reasons that you have to consider when you are planning a weekly menu for your bearded pet.

Let’s dive in and check all the good things for your pet, and of course, the question about Collard needs to be answered. Collard greens are nutritious greens, and they have excellent nutritional value for bearded dragons. You can add this vegetable to the bearded dragons this vegetable as it is full of calcium, vitamin, and minerals and does not have very high water content.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Collard Greens

Why Should You Feed Collard Greens

You can feed this vegetable to your bearded pet daily, and as we mentioned earlier, this green veggie has a lot of nutritional value. Here’s an in-depth look into everything that it contains so you know what kinds of foods become daily fillers.

Why Should You Feed Collard Greens


Collard greens are full of calcium, and your reptilian pets need calcium to grow strong. Once adults, the need for calcium does not diminish, in fact, bearded dragons will develop Metabolic Bone Disease if the calcium levels in the body are less.


Bearded dragons require vitamins and minerals, and they need vitamin-rich veggies in their diets. The essential vitamins in collard greens are A, C, and K. All these help in the well-being and healthy growth of your bearded pet! Vitamin D is necessary for bone growth, and this vegetable has a high amount of it.


The fiber content of any vegetable makes it a winner or loser because it is an essential part of the bearded dragons’ diet. If you feed your pet a low-fiber diet, they become lazy and very slow. You will miss out on the activity of these pets if they do not have a well-rounded diet, and of course, the more we stress on fiber the less it seems!


The amount of phosphorus must be good, but if the phosphorus-calcium ratio is high, then it can be a problem. However, the young dragons need lower phosphorus and high calcium, while adult dragons will also need the calcium-phosphorus ratio to be higher (calcium to be more than phosphorus).

No Fats

Reptilians have a slow metabolic rate, and their body is made to store calories. Collard greens do not have any fat like avocados. Lean veggies and fruits are more suitable. Collard greens, being a lean veggie, are the perfect everyday meal for bearded dragons.

Antioxidants And Other Nutrients

Antioxidants and many minerals are essential for bearded dragons, and they are all found in collard greens. When you feed your pet dragons these greens, they will become active, as the reptilians will meet all their nutrition requirements. When your bearded pet feels good after eating a particular food, they eat it with more interest the next time. Collard greens are an excellent vegetable for dragons, and you will see your bearded dragon respond to eating it with a lot of zeal and interest. Also, check out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Turnip Greens.

Vegetables That Go With Collard Greens

You can serve your bearded dragon’s collards every day, and the vegetables that go with them are bell peppers, long beans, dandelion leaves, cactus pad, turnip greens, and watercress. Preparing a daily meal for bearded dragons is a challenging task, we know. You do not want to add any vegetable or fruit that does not go with the others and is simultaneously an item that fulfills the nutritional needs of this reptilian.

When you cut up these vegetables, ensure that each piece is small and does not pose a choking hazard for the bearded dragon. Nobody ever wants to hurt their pet! The ideal amount of collard for the reptile is around one cup. When preparing their daily meal, make sure you add the required amounts because even if all the vegetables are lean, the dragons may become obese due to overeating. A lot of harmful illnesses occur with increasing weight, and one of them is heart function. Be sure to stick to the required amount for each day because you wouldn’t want to see your dragons upset or unwell.


Bearded dragons can eat collard greens, as they are full of calcium, vitamin, fiber, and minerals. When you feed your bearded dragon, mix up a lot of vegetables with collard greens to ensure good growth. Moreover, be sure to meet the daily calorie and intake requirements. Food and nutrition play a huge role in the well-being of bearded dragons, and as owners, you must be careful and well aware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give my bearded dragon collard greens with other vegetables?

Yes, it would be best if you feed your bearded dragon all the allowed vegetables and fruits. These reptilians do not express their likes or dislike, but they can surely get tired of eating the same thing. Make sure that you give them a bit of everything.

Is it necessary to give collard greens daily?

No, collard greens are an excellent food option for bearded dragons, but it is not a compulsory item! You can always give your pet other veggies that have matching nutritional value. However, we recommend that you select collard greens as an everyday item because it is an easy veggie to find and cut. Moreover, your worry about designing a new menu will be removed.

Do bearded dragons enjoy collard greens?

Yes, bearded dragons enjoy eating vegetables that make them feel good. Since collard has all the essential nutrients, it is an excellent food for them, and they look forward to the crunch and good taste.

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