Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots? | All Benefits & Risks Explained

Some vegetables enjoy the reputation of being a powerhouse for health, and carrots are one of them. The benefits of carrots are many, including supporting a person’s immune system as well as improving their vision. We all keep carrots in our fridge, and sometimes, they can be great snacks for our little ones and pets. Can bearded dragons eat carrots? The answer will be clear if you understand what this vegetable contains, and what might be unsuitable for bearded dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots? Complete Guide

Yes, bearded dragons can eat carrots, but only once a week. Bearded dragons have a very sensitive digestive system, and if you do not care about what you feed them, they can get impacted quickly. Carrots have so many nutrients such as Vitamin A and Beta-carotenes, which bearded dragons require, carrots contain a wealth of nutrition and vitamins.

However, if your bearded dragon also receives vitamin A supplements, you should be extremely careful when feeding carrots. You should avoid giving your bearded dragon both vitamin A supplements and carrots together because Vitamin A toxicity can occur. It is dangerous to give your bearded dragon anything that contains Vitamin A (like carrots) if it is receiving Supplemental Vitamin A. Now, let’s see how every nutrient in carrots impacts bearded dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots

Nutritional Value Of Carrots For Bearded Dragons

Owners of bearded dragons should always know what they are feeding their pets, and this will help them know how much protein, sugar, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals they are getting from the food. Here is the vitamin and mineral content of 100 grams of carrot.

Fiber: There are only 2.8 grams of fiber in carrots, which will be good for bearded dragons, but the rest of the profile will decide if this portion is a good reason to keep feeding carrots to bearded dragons.

Sugars: There are 4.7 grams of sugar in 100 grams of carrots, which is a considerably high amount for bearded dragons. These reptiles can become anxious after consuming high amounts of sugar. Moreover, they can become overweight if they eat too much of these.

Protein: Bearded dragons need protein, but there are only 0.93 grams of protein in this vegetable and that is why it is better to give them another vegetable that has higher protein.

Calcium: There are 33 mg of calcium in this vegetable and bearded dragons need more than this quantity to have strong bones. If their bones become weak, these reptiles become immobile due to soft bones. Moreover, low calcium means Metabolic Bone Disease can become a possibility. This nutrient is essential for dragon pets as it ensures their activity levels due to bone strength.

Phosphorus: Phosphorus hinders the absorption of calcium in the body and there are 35 mg of phosphorus, which is more than calcium. For bearded dragons, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus should be 2:1 for their bone development. However, there is a lot of phosphorus in carrots so there is no benefit from calcium.

Dragons Eat Carrots

How Often Can You Feed Carrots, And Why

Carrots should be fed to a bearded dragon at most once or twice a week, not every day. A bearded dragon’s daily diet doesn’t include carrots. Moreover, carrots are almost as high in phosphorus and calcium as various other vegetables that are beneficial for bearded dragons. However, that is only because there are other nutrients in those vegetables that are advantageous for your pet. Carrots do not have too much fiber, and protein and have high sugar as well. Therefore, you should restrict them to only once or twice a week.

The mineral phosphorus binds with calcium, making it impossible for calcium to enter a dragon’s bloodstream. When these dragons consume too many phosphorus foods, they can cause metabolic bone disease (MBD). MBD is a debilitating and sometimes fatal condition that affects the shape of the dragon’s bones. It is not necessary to give your bearded dragon carrots every day if you feed them occasionally.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots

Although carrots are a nutrient-dense vegetable, they should not be considered a safe staple for your bearded dragon for two reasons: they do not contain enough calcium, and they are high in vitamin A. Vitamin A toxicity is common in bearded dragons, so that can be a problem.

Vitamin A is found in carrots, contributing to healthy skin, a strong immune system, and sharp vision in your bearded dragon. Your bearded dragon should not be fed carrots if she is taking vitamin A or beta carotene supplements, or if she takes a multivitamin that contains these nutrients. Consult a doctor before giving your bearded dragon carrots. Because consuming food containing significant amounts of Vitamin A in combination with these supplements may cause your dragon to have toxicity issues. Please check Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers.

Benefits Of Carrots

The benefits of vitamin A present in carrots makes dragon skin healthy, and give them a strong immune system, and healthy eyes. A pigment found in carrots called beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin A. Carbohydrates such as fiber in carrots aid the digestion process greatly.

During a dragon’s life, beta-carotene is transformed into active vitamin A. It is believed that beta carotene brightens the skin color of some bearded dragons color morphs over time, making them appear more vibrant. The limited amount of calcium in carrots should still be supplemented by a calcium supplement to ensure that your bearded dragon gets all the calcium it needs.

Benefits of Carrots For Bearded Dragons

How To Feed Carrots

You can feed this vegetable to your pet bearded dragon by shredding only two slices of carrot. This is because carrots are hard and if you feed them as slices, the dragon might choke on them. Moreover, the hard vegetable can stick to the intestines and cause constipation. As more carrots get stuck, it can cause impaction which makes bearded dragons develop lower abdomen pain. Consequently, they can lose their appetite and die. Be sure to serve thin shreds or extremely tiny chopped carrot slices.

Washing carrots before feeding is important because they are ground vegetables. They can have some harmful chemicals on the skin, and there can be dust and dirt as well. Washing carrots is an essential step and you must follow it with care. Also, find out Can Bearded Dragons Have Corn.


Yes, bearded dragons can eat carrots. In spite of the fact that carrots supply plenty of vitamin A and beta carotene, they are not recommended as a meal substitute because they contain too much vitamin A. It is possible to avoid the level of toxicity caused by too many feedings if they are only taken once or twice a week to maintain healthy skin, vision, and digestion.

Even cooked carrot tops are excellent once a month or so as a treat. Both raw and cooked carrots are great when given in small portions. Consider including carrots occasionally in your lizard’s salad bowl if you’re looking for another healthy diet choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to feed bearded dragons carrot tops and leaves?

The carrot tops and leaves are edible by bearded dragons, but they should be fed to them in moderation. Carrot greens contain a lot of oxalates, which can be detrimental to them if eaten in large quantities.

Is it safe to eat carrot skins for bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons can consume carrot skins because they are nutritious. Chemicals like pesticides and herbicides may be present in this part of the carrot. Bearded dragons could suffer severe health problems as a result of this chemical. Ensure they are thoroughly washed before eating carrots.

Do you know what kind of carrots are best?

Always wash your carrot thoroughly before feeding it to your lizard, no matter what type of carrot you choose to give it. Organic carrots are even better if you can find them.

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