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Bearded dragons and other reptilians are cold-blooded animals that survive in warm areas and do not have high food consumption. If you have a bearded dragon at home, you might wonder what they can eat, and what must be avoided at all times. Some of the basic food items that are good for us might not be good for them. Can bearded dragons eat bread?

This question is common since we all depend on bread for our daily intake. Some days it can be a clear choice for us to have bread with everything. However, is it the same for bearded dragons? You will have to know what suits your pet before you plan out a diet for them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bread

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bread – Is It Safe

Bearded dragons cannot have bread and the reason is that they get no nutrition from this daily staple. The bodies of bearded dragons are designed to thrive on protein and calcium. They can eat the foods that contain these two essential nutrients more than other things. Moreover, vitamins are the driving force for these reptilians.

Bread does not have any of these nutrients in a high quantity, although bread is a healthy option since it contains some amounts of iron, thiamine, protein, sugars, and protein. There is calcium in bread too, but these nutrients are not in such a high quantity that you feed it to the bearded dragon, ignoring all the negatives of this food item.

The most harmful thing about reading for bearded dragons is that this food item swells up and blocks the intestines, causing constipation and impaction. This can be extremely harmful to bearded dragons as it worsens and impacts their mobility. When impaction sets in, it can become an emergency and you will have to rush your dragon pet to the vet.

Grain is not the bearded dragon’s best friend. While it is best not to feed them any legumes, bread being a wheat product is also not an ideal diet item. When pet owners feel that they are feeding their dragons, nutritional stuff so a piece of bread won’t hurt, that is wrong. When food is not suitable for your pet, then even a small piece is not good for them. In addition, you may also need to check Can Bearded Dragons Eat Nectarines.

Is Bread Safe For Bearded Dragons

Bad Effects Of Bread

Bread can cause severe issues such as impaction, but there are other problems as well. Bread is made with yeast and that does not suit bearded dragons. This raising agent in bread can give your bearded dragon some irregular bowel movements that will make it uncomfortable and anxious. Moreover, the wheat used in bread can be refined or whole wheat.

Refined flour has a high sugar content while whole wheat bread is rich in fiber, which is good for bearded dragons. However, when you compare the small benefits with the big risks of bread, it will always make you want to keep this food off your bearded dragon’s palate.

Bearded Dragon Nutrition Requirements

Bearded dragons are rather tined animals. You will have to feed them in a way that their limited daily intake is loaded with good nutrition. You will have to choose vegetables and fruits that are rich in calcium and vitamins. Much of the bearded dragon’s protein requirements are met with insects that they feed on, but the other essentials are filled with vegetables and fruits only.

Moreover, the veggies you add to their palate should have less sugar, and more vitamins and calcium. The phosphorus content in the food must be low. This element obstructs the absorption of calcium and that is why you should not feed them any food with a higher phosphorus content.

The ideal calcium and phosphorus ratio is 2:1 but if any vegetable or fruit has the same ratio as 1:1, it can be consumed once a week. For regular, daily foods the ratio must be around 2:1 and in case any vegetable has all the good nutrients but the ratio is reversed, it becomes a bad choice. Have a look at Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chocolate.

Foods Instead Of Bread

It is always best to feed raw, and fresh vegetables to bearded dragons. You should try to keep your plates full of insects, vegetables, and fruits. It is not even recommended to cook vegetables before you feed your dragon. The reason for that is that essential nutrients get destroyed and when the dragon is only eating a small portion, it is essential to make every ounce count. The fruits and vegetables that are perfect everyday meals for your dragon pet are:

Foods That Bearded Dragons Can Have

These are just some of the regular vegetables and fruits that can be a part of your bearded dragon’s meals and you can pick them up regularly from the grocery store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will bread make my bearded dragon bloat?

Yes, it can make your dragon pet bloat. If you select a bread that has high sugar content and a lot of yeast it can cause your bearded dragon’s stomach to swell up.

How can I make my bearded dragon’s bread meal pass out quickly from its system?

To make the bearded dragon digest undesirable food, you can make it walk more, and feed it foods with high fiber. Once the bearded dragon digests the food, give it water to drink and all will be fine!


Bearded dragons cannot eat bread because it contains a lot of yeast, and there are no other nutrients that are good for bearded pets! You can utilize their feeding capacity by giving them something that will be beneficial for them. Also, read Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peanut Butter?

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