Bearded Dragon Bath | Proper Hygiene And Care

Bearded dragons will never give off their displeasure with their facial expressions or quick responses. Pet owners have to be careful in the way they treat their dragons because they will have to know what is right or wrong. Moreover, keeping the pet dragon clean means you will have to know how to give a bearded dragon bath. When you are preparing for the bearded dragon’s well-being, a bath comes up at quite an important position! You may know what kinds of foods to give your pet dragon, but you have to know how to keep them clean and soothed.

Bearded Dragon Bath

Why Is Bath Important For Bearded Dragons

Bathing is a healthy part of your pet’s daily routine as it ensures hygiene. If the bearded dragon is clean, it will be a comfort as you can hold it and love it without any reservations. Moreover, your pet will feel more soothed, which will impact you in many ways. Bearded dragons feel comforted and relaxed when they are bathed so it is a good way to keep them happy. You can get your pet all cleaned up and relaxed after a soothing bath. The more your dragon is at ease, the better will be its appetite and behavior around the house.

Why Is Bath Important For Bearded Dragons

Another essential reason for bathing your bearded dragon is that it sheds better. Bearded dragons shed their skin, and it gets easier for them if the skin cells get hydrated and wither off sooner. The shedding period makes dragons irritable. If you bathe them properly, they will be in a better mood because of the easier shedding period.

Regular bathing makes bearded dragons more hydrated and that is good for their health. When you bathe your pet, they will become relaxed. Just like all other effects, staying hydrated adds to the bearded dragon’s health. Bearded dragons will have better bowel movements when they bathe regularly. The warmth of the water makes their metabolic rate faster and there will be no uncomfortable periods of slower bowels. Also, find out Do Bearded Dragons Pee.

How To Give A Bearded Dragon A Bath

You can fill the bath with warm water, but keep it only a few inches deep to let your bearded dragon soak in the warmth without fearing to drown. You do not need to add any soap or bubble bath, because a plain water bath will be good enough. The optimal temperature for the bath is between 85F and 92F. This temperature will not be too hot for the cold-blooded reptilian to adjust to, and it will not be cold enough to slow it down. Bearded dragons can become irritable and they might panic if you place them in a very hot tub of water!

How To Give A Bearded Dragon A Bath

The duration of the bath should be anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. The bearded dragon will need time to relax and feel the warmth in their bodies. When you take out the bearded dragon too soon from a warm bath, it will get anxious.

Things To Consider When Giving Bath

Apart from the right temperature, you must know when is the best time to prepare a bath for your bearded pet. You must ensure that you put them in the bath more than an hour after feeding time. If you bathe them before mealtime, it has to be at least an hour before it. When bearded dragons eat, they need to be at the right body temperature to digest the food. If you place them in the bath their metabolic rate improves significantly and they will benefit from it.

Things To Consider When Giving Bearded Dragon Bath

Moreover, the bearded dragon will sleep better and have a more active daily routine if you bathe it every day or at regular intervals. The bearded dragons can seem to just sit in the bath because they are not very expressive, but you will see them eat better and have an active routine. You will like the new change as the reptilian will have a more settled routine with better appetite and bowel movements.

Another thing to consider is the minimum number of baths per week. You might think that it is ok to bathe your bearded dragon every day, however, if you think that is a lot, consider three baths a week. Any less than that will be alright, but it should be at least once a week!


Many new pet owners wonder about how to bathe a bearded dragon. Bathing has many benefits and will make your pet relaxed. The warm bath can be very soothing and it is a good part of your pet’s routine. Also, read How To Clean A Bearded Dragon, you may find it useful for your beloved pet dragon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bathe my bearded dragon every day?

Yes, you can introduce your bearded dragon to a daily warm bath because it can soothe them and put them in a good mood. You might think it is a lot, but if it keeps your pet happy, a half-hour bath every day will be a good idea.

Will my bearded dragon feel fine if the bath is too warm?

You must ensure that the bath does not feel warmer than 92F. If the water is hot, it might make your bearded dragon will feel upset and might get too anxious. As you place the dragon in the bath, the sudden introduction of hot water might upset them and when they panic, it can behave differently and may even snap at your arm.

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