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People look for pets because they want to dote on any companion that expresses love innocently and keeps them occupied. When it comes to selecting a reptilian for a pet, there can be some concerns regarding their behavior around us. Are bearded dragons social? Get to know about this species before you get one home. Bearded dragons are reptilians originating from the hot and dry areas of Australia. These reptiles do not move in herds and they are not loud creatures that interact with other animals.

Are Bearded Dragons Social

Bearded Dragons With Humans

Bearded dragons are not very social and like their space and privacy. These reptilians interact with their owners and even show affection. So if you are getting a pet dragon it’s not as if it will remain aloof. However, there are some things that need to be known if you want them to be expressive.

Bearded Dragons With Humans

Bearded Dragons In Their Tanks

We always suggest all pet owners set up an aquarium tank for their pet dragons. This tank must have a basking rock, a UV lamp, some pebbles, and a few plants arranged in a way to give them some privacy to sleep or rest. There can be a log for the pet dragon to climb, and then there are many small ornaments or toys that can be placed just for some color. However, try not to overcrowd the tank and allow your reptile pet to enjoy its space.

If owners give their pet dragons a nice place to enjoy and feel comfortable in, they will see them satisfied and happy. When your pet will be happy it will look forward to the loving petting time! For petting, you can place the dragon next to you as you read a book or watch television or listen to some relaxing music. If the dragon enjoys the soothing ambiance, it will sit there, cuddled up next to you!

What Makes Bearded Dragons Antisocial And Aloof

If the environment for your dragon pet is not favorable, you will see a very aloof and isolated dragon at home. The most unfavorable conditions for bearded dragons are explained briefly:

What Makes Bearded Dragons Antisocial And Aloof

1. The Lights Should Be Bright During The Day

Bearded dragons are quite conventional and they have to experience a 12-hour day and a 12-hour night. You cannot leave them in a room with all lights closed during the day, or in a room with bright light during the night. Both these timings have to be of bright light and complete darkness respectively. In case there is a mix-up of lighted hours, bearded dragons stop sleeping and as they become anxious and irritable they do not like to interact with other creatures.

2. Loud Music Is A Trigger

If bearded dragons are surrounded by loud noises or shilling sounds that can make bearded dragons feel scared or anxious. If such sounds are on in your home, bearded dragons may become recluses and may even begin hiding. If you try and touch them, they might cling or may even begin to defend themselves if they are new to the environment.

3. Bad Nutrition

Poor nutrition also makes bearded dragons antisocial as they feel low and do not want to Interact with others. Poor nutrition also makes these reptilians irritable and sluggish. When owners get a dragon pet they must ensure that their nutrition is fulfilled and that everything they eat suits them.

4. Too Much Petting

Have you ever tried to pet your dragon on the head? They do not lie because their third eye, which is located on the top of their head detects a hand covering it and it is a reflex action to move the head so that they can avoid it. When bearded dragons become irate, you should leave them alone so that they can get settled, and then if you want to interact with them it is better to pick them up and make them sit next to you.

Research On Social Skills Of Bearded Dragons

Some researchers did an experiment on bearded dragons to see if they could be social or not. The experiment was based on teaching a single dragon how to open the door of the cage, and then that dragon opened it in the presence of six dragons but only two of them saw the bearded dragon open the door.

Research On Social Skills Of Bearded Dragons

When they were left alone, it was observed that only two dragons who had witnessed the door unlocking could unlock the cage door! This experiment showed that the brain development of these reptilians was enough to make them social. The inference of this research was that bearded dragons can be social, however, they are not very social and do not work like a team or do not move in herds. These solitary creatures can still be great pets. Also, find out if Can I Kiss My Bearded Dragon Or if Should I Avoid It.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dragon interact with other dragons if I take it for a meet-up?

Pet meet-ups are common for mammals like cats and dogs. If you take your dragon to a new place they become cautious and can also get scared easily. Moreover, they do not enjoy the company of many bearded dragons in the same tank.

How can I keep my bearded dragon happy so that it becomes social?

Bearded dragons are solitary in nature but if you keep them happy they will show some association and attachment to their owners. You can ensure that their environment is according to their needs so that they do not become irritable and snappy.


Bearded dragons are not too social but they are not completely isolated either. Pet owners must know how to keep these creatures happy so that they become friendly. When dragons are upset about something or if anything around them is disturbing, they become anxious and may want to spend some time alone.

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