Are Bearded Dragons Colorblind? | Color Vision Explained

Bearded dragons are omnivorous reptiles that originate in the deserts of Australia. These enigmatic creatures have become popular as home pets and many people are adopting these silent reptiles. Are bearded dragons colorblind or can they see all colors as we do? All of us tend to find similarities between our pets and us! One of the most common wonderings includes the sight of bearded dragons and their ability to see all colors. It is always good to know more about your pet dragon, even if it is related to its sight capabilities.

Are Bearded Dragons Colorblind

Are Bearded Dragons Colorblind

Like all other animals, bearded dragons can see various colors. In fact, these reptilians have a wider spectrum of color sight which means they can see colors in the ultraviolet spectrum as well. You may have heard myths about these reptilians being blind and capable of managing themselves by their hearing. Many of us believed that reptiles like snakes and lizards and bearded dragons detect vibrations and walk around accordingly. However, this is not true for dragons. They can see all colors that we see and beyond.

You may know that all pet owners are recommended to feed their dragons a colorful variety of vegetables and fruits. This is because colors attract these reptilians! These creatures can see all colors with both eyes. However, they have a third eye which is not for sight at all.

Colors Are Visible To Bearded Dragons

The Third Eye Of Bearded Dragons

The third eye of bearded dragons is similar to a sensor that is there to track and trace every object around them. These reptilians sense moving things, or an intruder around them with this eye. This third eye is not meant for seeing so there are obviously no color-seeing capabilities either. However, the sight of this creature is definitely colored!

The two eyes of the bearded dragons are to the sides of their face, which means that if there is a bright and colorful object right in front of them, they cannot see it. However, that is due to the position of their eyes and not due to them being blind or colorblind. Moreover, you can read more about it here Do Bearded Dragons Have A Third Eye?

The Third Eye Of Bearded Dragons

Which Colors Do Bearded Dragons See

Bearded dragons can see light colors more clearly, as some researchers say, this is why they will come towards light-colored food more quickly than dark-colored ones. These concluded facts are from the various types of research that scientists have done and based their findings on experiments. The bearded dragon came closer to colored foods but only the ones that were lighter in color. Therefore this has become a strong belief.

How Do Bearded Dragons See More Colors

Bearded dragons can see more colors because they have more color receptors in the brain. A human has three receptors but your pet dragon has four! Due to more receptors, their ability to see more colors is stronger than humans.

Ultraviolet colors are visible to bearded dragons and they get attracted to them as well. Ultraviolet rays are essential for bearded dragons because their body temperatures are not regulated like in amphibians or mammals. These cold-blooded animals need high-frequency rays to keep their bodies working properly. The ability to see UV colors means that these creatures can see where UV light is present and they can absorb it by getting exposed to it.

The UV wavelength is short and does not fall within the capacity of human eyes, which means that we cannot see these colors and rays. However, since the bearded dragon needs these rays, they are programmed to detect them too! The retinal cone cells in bearded dragons are more than in humans, therefore, they can see well!

How Do Bearded Dragons See More Colors

The Nature Of Bearded Dragons Vary

Just like humans like certain colors more than others, bearded dragons also have color likes. Some bearded dragons might come rushing toward a purple eggplant while another one may like bright tomatoes. This selection of colors or coming in to view it from near does not mean that dragons can only see that color, it means that they like that color more.

Sometimes bearded dragons associate colors with their home. In the wild, a bearded dragon might love the color green, while a pet dragon might come towards orange because its tank base is orange. These creatures link colors with familiar surroundings and that is another reason you may see any one of them rush toward a particular color.

How To Understand Color Preference In Bearded Dragons

Have you ever served insects to your pet dragon? You may have noticed their happy expression after seeing insects. Just like a bearded dragon devours insects, it becomes happy when it sees the color it likes. Although color preference does not hinder or impact the way you will be dealing with your pet, it is nice to know that they are not colorblind, and neither do they have any restrictions on colors when it comes to sight! Moreover, you will be able to feed them foods that they will be attracted to if they like the color. Also, find out Are Bearded Dragons Nocturnal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bearded dragons see in dark areas?

Bearded dragons need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. The darkness has to be like night and in the dark, these dragons cannot see anything. However, during the daytime, they can see properly and can see all colors as well.

Will my bearded dragon live in a tank where the color is disliked?

Bearded dragons get attracted to the colors they like but they will not be disturbed if you place them in a tank that has a color that your dragon pet doesn’t like! However, it is nice to stick to the colors they like or the ones that have a soothing, and homely effect on them.


Bearded dragons have wider visibility than humans and they can see more colorful, and diverse spectrums. Due to the color receptors in their brain, these creatures can see UV colors as well. You can try and find out which color your pet dragon likes and then you can serve it the same colored fruit or vegetable. This way you will be well aware of how to feed them.

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